Miyerkules, Enero 25, 2012

Myonal for Muscle Relaxant

Muscle relaxant refers to medication that greatly affects the function of the skeletal muscle and tone of the muscle. It is widely used to treat spasms and sensitive reflexes. Drugs under the category muscle relaxant are created to alleviate pain in the muscles brought about by various activities, pressures, or stimuli. A lot of alternative medicines are being used as an alternative to most drugs in the market; however, drugs that are prescribed by health care providers are still the best and recommended type of treatment. The most common medicine used as muscle relaxant is Myonal. This drug is manufactured by Eisai and distributed by HI-Eisai/Zuellig. The main component of the drug is Eperisone hydrochloride. The drug is used for cerebral palsy, SVD or spinal vascular disease, headaches, and spastic paralysis. Myonal is to be use three times a day. The standard dose is 150 mg tablet and should be taken with full stomach. However, the dosage varies depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the symptoms. Patient with hypersensitivity reaction to Eperisone hydrochloride is discouraged to take the drug. Individuals with liver disease s advised not to take this medicine as it is discovered that taking this would aggravate the function of the liver.

Using this drug could sometimes lead to unnecessary symptoms such as sleepiness, feeling weak, and feeling lightheaded. Elderly patient should be given this drug in a reduced dosage. Pregnant woman are highly prohibited to take this medication as its adverse effect has not been established. Nursing mothers are suggested to not take this medication too as component of Myonal is being excreted in breast milk. Usage of this drug for children is not advisable too. Redness, swelling of the face and neck, difficulty of breathing, erythema, itchy feeling are the warning signs suggesting that you need to discontinue the usage of Myonal. This medicine reports that there is also increase in the liver enzymes. In general, usage of this will lead to body malaise, fatigue, and dizziness. This medication is also contraindicated to patient with Stevens - Johnson syndrome as this may worsened the symptoms of this disease.

This drug is administered with extra care especially when the patient is taking methocarbamol at the same time. Side effects of this drug vary from one person to another. This may vary depending on age, gender, and overall condition in general. Study showed that more side effects were being observed in an elderly patient. These side effects are dyspnea, orthopnea, loss of appetite, edema, headache, yellowing of the skin also called as jaundice, muscle pain, inflammation of the conjunctiva, and general fatigue.

Store the medicine in a room temperature not over 30 degree Celsius. Keep Myonal away from heat and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. Follow doctor’s order diligently and religiously.